• 24 times around the sun, Numer8 was founded by Devleena Bhattacharjee. 

  • Devleena is a data scientist with 14+ years’ of experience across US, Europe, New Zealand and India.

  • Numer8 is a team of 12 with 7 data scientists, 2 hadoop engineers, 1 front end full stack and 2 GIS Analyst.


  • Selected by European Space Agency for Copernicus Disaster Management Program 2018

  • Selected as TOP 5 Team across 1000+ Global Applications for United Nation's World Food Program


  • A team of Ph.D. and Masters level mathematicians, statisticians, and specialists in many subfields of Data Science, Machine learning  and AI


  • Experience in delivering insights from both unstructured, semi-structured and structured data sets.

  • Expertise in working with multiple technologies and platforms including both open-source and proprietary software's

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